In order to help the public understand the Eclipse Group, we will be making public some of our work, as we are able to do so with respect to the safety of everyone involved.  Mr. Clarridge wanted to begin with something current:  some notes from his efforts to rescue a number of Americans and allies.  ”Blood money” here is a general term that refers to traditional reconciliation payments, such as the diyya, or the old English/Norse/Germanic wergild.  These remain of crucial importance in many parts of the world.  The reference to PFC Berghdal being a “guest” rather than a “prisoner” describes a negotiating tactic appropriate to the honor-based society of the network holding him.

Getting Davis released is a Ned in the first grade exercise as I mentioned on the phone.  K and I have informed the Bureau in Kabul that we can discuss it if anyone is interested. Pontecorvo of the Bureau in Kabul said that Lahore was not his bailiwick but I pointed out to him that the Kabul Bureau oversees its counterparts in Pakistan. The solution is simple. It comes down to blood money as you pointed out K. The key is who offers the blood money and is the negotiator and it has to be someone that the Paks cannot refuse. That individual must be from Saudi Arabia or the UAE.   Jordan has had  tight relations with Pakistan, but doesn’t have the clout that the Saudis and Emiratis have,  particularly military to military. Where do Emiratis go on shikari and falconeering – Pakistan. Where does the majority of the rankers in the Arabian Gulf countries armed forces come from? From PakistanBaluchistan and always have. There is much intermarriage between the Gulf countries and Pakistan, particularly in the case of the UAE..

Assuming the proposal below goes forward in some form, suggest the following also be considered: At some point you will have a Gulfstream 5 sitting on a ramp at Islamabad Airport awaiting the arrival of Davis by helo from Lahore, there will probably be a number empty seats on the aircraft on the return leg. Seems a shame not to fill them, particularly when we are using a hammer anyway re: Davis. Suggest, therefore, that we get the Pak Government, military, ISI to get the Haqqanis and Mullah Sangin to turn over US Army PFC Bergdahl and then go to the Shumshato Refugee Camp outside of Peshawar and demand that the Hizb-i-Islami hand over the two kidnapped French jounalists (see Eclipse Sitrep #1051). If the issue of  compensation comes up, recommend that the Haqqanis be offered USG’s per diem rate for Miranshah for the period Bergdahl has been their guest. As for the Hizb-i-Islami, let’s offer the Peshawar per diem rate understanding that the French have only recently arrived in the Peshawar area from the boondocks of Afghanistan. Thus, we could fill up at least three of the empty seats.

Now there appears to be a Canadian aid worker kidnapped. We can add him/her to the flight manifest. The more this looks like a rescue mission on an international scale, the easier it should be on the Pakistanis to give up Davis.