Iranian use of private Afghan Companies as vehicles to transfer Funds to the Taliban

1. The principal Iranian intelligence (MOIS) asset in Kabul is Omar Daudzai, the chief of President Karzai’s personal staff and a former Afghan Ambassador to Tehran. He is being groomed by the MOIS to become Minister of the Interior. (Source Comment: Daudzai is considered by the American CIA to be a CIA asset; it appears the CIA is not aware that he has loyalties to Iran.) Daudzai’a role for the Iranians is to help make use of private companies in Iran as conduits for Iranian government money being sent to the Taliban Quetta Shura. As of June 2010, Daudzai has recruited senior people in three Afghan companies to serve as conduits for Iranian funds to the Taliban.

2. The first and most important of the firms recruited by Daudzai is Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC), owned by Engineer Ehsanullah Bayat. Bayat also owns Ariana Radio and Television Network (ATN) and is the founder and Director of the Bayat Foundation, an Afghan NGO working in the education sector. Bayat Foundation’s Vice President is Haji Muhammad Ismail, who also plays roles in AWCC and ATN. Ismail has close ties to Iran, where a large part of his family lives and he visits them often, and is cloose friends with Daudzai. Ismail uses these three entities as cover for the transfer to the Taliban Quetta Shura of US$35 million per year. (Field Comment: Interestingly, AWCC is an American-registered Company. The registered office is at Afghan Wireless Communication Company (AWCC), 400 Marshlanding Blvd, Ste 3, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082.)

3. Alokozay Tea in Afghanistan is the Afghan distributor of Alokozai Tea, a product of the Alokozay Group (AGC), a pan-Asian conglomerate. The Kabul office of Alokozai Tea is owned in part by Mahmood Karzai and Daudzai. Alokozai inb Kabul is used as a conduit to receive funds from Iran for passage onward to the Taliban Quetta Shura.

4. The third transfer mechanism is the Azizi Bank, which its headquarters next to the Presidential Palace. The shareholders of the bank are Mirwais Azizi Hotak, Haji Ali Akbar Zhawandai, Humayuon Azizi Hotak, Abdul Aziz Khan and Farhad Mirwais Azizi. Mirwais Azizi, chairman of the Baord of Directors, was born in Laghman Province. The Azizi Bank is a part of the Azizi Hotak Group (AHG), which runs several lines of businesses in Afghanistan and Dubai. (Field Comment: The source was not specific as to who and how the Azizi Bank was involved in Iran to Taliban transfers, but it a well known money laundering bank for the receipts of corruption for the Karzai family, and presumably others. As a well-known practitioner of money laundering, it would be easy enough to simply receive wire transfers from Tehran, clean the funds through Dubai and transfer to Pakistani accounts for use by the Taliban. According to Agha Gul, the finance manager for the Taliban, the Taliban has no accounts of its own in Pakistani banks, and instead uses Pakistani sympathizers to receive wire transfers from abroad. These persons them withdraw cash and turn it over to the Taliban when it is needed. This system is used to avoid the seizure of any Taliban accounts.)